Bodybuilding for Skinny Guys

It's not that you have bad genes, it's just that your muscles did not have any reason to grow until now

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Fast metabolism. Bad genes. A curse. Whichever way you want to label this, it does not really matter. The fact is I'm I was skinny. It took me a long time to go from skinny to an average body size but that's mainly because I didn't know what I was doing when I started bodybuilding and secondly age plays quite an important role when it comes to muscle growth (HINT: Younger guys, you'll see faster and bigger improvements sooner).

Some of us pretend all is going well as long as situations where you need to take your shirt off in public can be avoided but if like me, you'd always be seen wearing long sleeves shirts (even in summer) to hide your under-developed forearms, then please don't suffer in silence. A body you're satisfied of will make you happy, increase your confidence and enhance your relationships. Who wants to look frail and under-nourished anyway?

I decided to write down my research on fitness, document my progress and share my knowledge to help other guys who are in the same situation as me. My aim with this community is for skinny guys around the world to find a safe place where they can talk about their body issues, find the help they need and follow a plan to achieve a body they can be proud of.

Bodybuilding for me is to make your body stronger through different disciplines like weight lifting, callisthenics, gymnastics, parkour and animal flow. If all you care about is the aesthetics, this may not be the right place for you as I'm not guaranteeing you a body like Arnold. What I can promise you though is a stronger body, something you'll be happy to walk around in and getting rid of that skinny guy tag for good.

There are just 3 things for you to do:

- Train Hard (push beyond your limits)
- Eat well (know your macros)
- Have enough sleep (you cannot compromise on this)

6 months. That's all you need. Ready?

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Bodybuilding for Skinny Guys

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This is a new community with the sole purpose of helping skinny guys put on some decent muscle. If you're tired of looking thin and weak, you can change that starting from today. It just depends on how badly you want it...

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