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What is your favourite exercise and why?

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sarah_7 21 Oct 2019

It does not necessarily need to be for hypertrophy but more a personal liking for you. Which exercise is most enjoyable to you?


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gices 21 Oct 2019

Hmm...I've had to think about this and what came to my mind first was what exercise I hate the most :D Squats!!

Anyway, I like doing push ups. Maybe because they are not so taxing on my body, maybe because I've got more strength to do them or maybe because it feels more natural.

Whenever I lift weights, it feels very unnatural to me - you see the movement is static and you don't really use your muscles this way, in complete isolation. For example, instead of bicep curls I prefer to do chin ups, they allow me to engage my core more and have my whole body work for the exercise.

With push ups, I tend to go for advanced moves nowadays. I started with normal push ups, then moved on to diamond push ups and now trying archer push ups or wide push ups.

How about you? What' your favourite?

sarah_7 21 Oct 2019

I used to do dips with 10Kg then I'll go for the bench press. I like doing typewriter pull ups and handstand push ups.

gices 21 Oct 2019

I got a weight belt for me to do weighted dips, chin ups and pull ups at home.

Handstand push ups and typewriter pull ups, I'm impressed. How long did it take you to achieve those skills?

I'm trying to do the front lever these days...

sarah_7 21 Oct 2019

Handstand push ups. well I did them with the wall. Took two days to get used to the blood on my head. well actually i don't remember having much difficulties. For type writer. I did weightlifting with a coach and i could do type writer because i was strong enough. I did front lever when i was 8 years old. I had an injury in 2016 which took 8 months recovery time. at the time I was practising the levers but mostly the flag.

gices 22 Oct 2019

Are you kidding me? 2 days to get used being upside down and you were all set for handstands? What about the strengths in your arms/shoulders to hold your weight and core for stability?

Front lever at 8, are you some kind of girl thor? :P

sarah_7 22 Oct 2019

hmm well I wanted to start doing a little sports activity and I haven't been training for some 3 years by then. I saw a man being upside down doing push ups and I wanted to do them too. So I did them but with a wall. Oh I could also do flags at 8

sarah_7 22 Oct 2019

well I was told HDPU was hard by my friends but when I learned it dad told me it was very easy exercise. he came back to check on the technique from time to time