Bodybuilding for Skinny Guys

It's not that you have bad genes, it's just that your muscles did not have any reason to grow until now

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Bodybuilding for Skinny Guys
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How does it feel going from underweight or overweight to physically fit and muscular?

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sarah_7 21 Oct 2019

What has been your personal experience and how did people treat you when you started gaining more muscles


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gices 21 Oct 2019

It feels great!

I used to be very skinny, hated it. Don't think I'm some kind of buffed bodybuilder now, I ain't. But I've packed some good muscles and now I look "normal". I don't particularly like the physiques of bodybuilders, I prefer those of gymnasts or calisthenics practicing guys.

Before, my clothes would be very loose on me, now they fit nicely. I have more confidence in myself. From the outside, people may not notice the changes I've experienced because I'm naturally thin but I can tell you with each little progress I make, it makes me just that little bit more happy about my body and life in general.

It was never about how others perceive me anyway, it has always been about how I feel about myself. I don't really pay attention to what others say or think about me, however I've asked my close friends and they've said I don't look like a starving Ethiopian guy anymore. I think that's a compliment.

No female friends to ask unfortunately, not that I'd be stripping down for them anyway.

Still a long way to go from my goals but hey, positive changes so far...

Any story from your side?

sarah_7 21 Oct 2019

People hated me alot . I was told that no men would want to marry me. I had to wear long clothes all the time. It got to bad that I started being angry whenever someone would comment on my body. I was uncomfortable when people tried to touch my biceps. Got lot's of girls who flirted with me and ask me out. But I like being strong and healthy even if I couldn't get fitting clothes and had to shop in the men's area or get tailor made. I've lost a lot of money by tearing my clothes haha. I don't like being sick. I want to get my health back. I want to be strong again. I want to run and do anything I used to. These days it's a pain for me to get up or do simple things.

gices 21 Oct 2019

There are too many funny things in your comment; you ripping off your clothes because you're too muscular, girls asking you out even though you're a girl, you having to get tailor made clothes. I don't know which to believe but they made me chuckle.

On a more serious note, so you're injured and can't work out, right? How long have you been training for? Did you use to go to a gym?

sarah_7 21 Oct 2019

13 years. gym since 2012. yes I'm injured