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It's not that you have bad genes, it's just that your muscles did not have any reason to grow until now

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What are some mind-blowing facts about exercise, fitness and working out?

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sarah_7 24 Oct 2019

Quels sont certains faits ├ępoustouflants sur l'exercice, la condition physique et l'entra├«nement?

I hope that this question will help whoever is in need of more information


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gices 25 Oct 2019

Exercise releases a hormone called endorphin, which reduces your perception of pain and makes you feel good about yourself. So if you're feeling down, just start doing some basic exercise at home (if you can't hit the gym) and you'll be happier.

When you exercise, you're more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle, so you'll stay away from junk food, alcohol and cigarettes. It's psychology, you wouldn't want your hard work to go to waste. You'll have better people in your life as well :)

You'll also realise that through hard work, pretty much everything is achievable. This is not just for building muscle but your mentality changes and you apply the same principles in other aspects of your life; at work, in your relationships or towards your dream.

What do you think?

sarah_7 27 Oct 2019

i tried to walk today with some help. I tend to be extremely stressed and suffocated without sports

gices 28 Oct 2019

And how did it go? Were you able to make some progress with the walking?

sarah_7 28 Oct 2019

I had too much pain -_-

gices 28 Oct 2019

I'm sorry to hear that. Take it one day at a time and soon you'll be back doing weighted dips :)

sarah_7 28 Oct 2019

that's why i'm doing.