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What do you think of the mauritian world chapion Aldo Farla winning his wabba pro card?

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sarah_7 02 Nov 2019

After Deepa muschke for IFBB we have a second athlete. What are your thoughts. What is the future of athletes in this sport?


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gices 12 Nov 2019

I think it will give people hope and that in itself means a lot more than the title he won.

We live on a very small island and a lot of people have not even heard of Mauritius. In the UK and when I travel, I usually have to tell people I come from a country which is either close of South Africa or Madagascar whichever they are more familiar with. As someone coming from a distant/unknown island, you grow up thinking it's difficult to achieve international recognition and that's usually reserved for the more popular countries.

He competed in the World Amateur Body Building Association (WABBA) in which countries like France, Italy and Portugal participated which would have been tough and he still won.

This will give hope to other people, not just in the bodybuilding discipline but also in other walks of life, to know no matter where you come from (whatever background, poor/rich, small/big country) that if you put in the hard work and sacrifice you would be rewarded for your efforts.

How about you, what do you think?

sarah_7 17 Nov 2019

I think there are alot of opportunities for mauritians to be pro cards for example jimmy Raynald is arnold classic level but many mauritians aren't participating enough on ifbb, wabba or nabba competitions. The main issue is that their respective local federations have to rely on ticket sales for events to sponsor these competing athletes. We have one female from germany who has her ifbb pro card. So in many ways there are many hurdles mostly finantial. But i'm not following the news much since my friend stop competing. Usually for some sports, the people who represent our country at the highest levels get a sports pension. Idk if bodybuilding forms part of it

gices 18 Nov 2019

My impression is that sportsmen in Mauritius do the sports as a hobby as they need to have a job that actually pays them decent money to cover their life expenses. Is this a good assumption or do the pros get paid well so they can only focus on the sports?

sarah_7 19 Nov 2019

you are assuming well it is a hobby. It costs around 50K-200k to compete nationally (food, equipments, gym, tan ect). But winners do get paid. Rs 5000 per category for NBBF which offers cash prize of Rs15k for regionals and 50k for nationals split among winners. RS 50 000 the winner for other federations. So the amount is little compared to how much they spend. Many have turned to firness modelling as side income. The only ones who are able to make bodybuilding their job are gym owners