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Why am I constantly yawning during my exercise routine?

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Simpson 04 Nov 2019

It's not that I feel tired and want to go rest, it just does not feel right. Is this normal or is my body trying to tell me something? I'm not very good at interpreting signs, so maybe you folks out there know better. Thanks.


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gices 05 Nov 2019

I observed when I was doing compound exercises like squats/deadlifts, I would yawn more. Sometimes if I'm doing a barbell curl, it can happen as well depending on how much I was pushing my limits. So it has a lot to do with the intensity of your workout.

When doing squat for example, I found it puts a huge amount of pressure on me and I can feel the heat rising up my body just after the 3rd rep. In such situations, your body's natural response is to make you yawn as that:

  • cools your body down (your body temperature has to be lowered for optimal functioning of your organs)
  • increase your blood pressure (your current blood flow is being diverted to the muscles being exercised, so your heart needs to pump even more for your brain and other organs)

You may notice you yawn more in warmer months (summer) or if you're working out in a place where there's not much ventilation (basement, closed garage) or in a gym where the central heating is turned up.

I think the amount of yawns depends on what your core temperature was to start off with and the difference to what it has been elevated to. The bigger the difference within a smaller time span, the more air you'll need to take in to compensate and the more frequent it will have to be.

It has been noted in animals that yawning is a stress signal. They'd do that to let their owners know they are overwhelmed and need a break. Similarly in humans, it will be the symptom your body is being overworked.

Also worth mentioning is that some medications may cause excessive yawning but you clarified you were not taking anything, so we can discard this one. However if it gets to the point where it's interfering with your exercise routine, it may be an indication of a more serious problem, so watch out for further signs.

Now it may also just mean you're tired; so make sure you're having enough sleep and rest to better prepare your body for vigorous activities.

Hope that helps.

Simpson 06 Nov 2019

Thanks, it makes sense. I will keep an eye out for further signs.

sarah_7 04 Nov 2019

are you following any medical treatment? It happened to me in 2016 when i was following treatments

Simpson 05 Nov 2019

No I'm not under any medication. I take pre-workout drink before my exercise so that should have the opposite effect, and make me more alert.

sarah_7 05 Nov 2019

take cafferine and see

Simpson 06 Nov 2019

Thanks, but I don't like the taste of black coffee.

sarah_7 06 Nov 2019

same. I always add milk. coffee was a recommendation of my coach when i was competing to stay alert